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Countertop installation can instantly transform the appearance of your kitchen, making it a priority for anyone remodeling. However, there are a few essential things to know before the professionals arrive. Let's review what you should expect from professional countertop installation services.

Various Price Options

How much your countertop installation costs includes factors like the material used and the product's dimensions. According to Forbes, granite counters can cost around $3,300 on average. Most jobs fall between $2,000 and $4,500. During an estimate, a professional can provide an approximate cost for the total job after assessing the materials and measuring the size of the product you are interested in.

A Comprehensive Estimate

Before installation day, you'll have an appointment for an estimate. A professional will precisely measure your countertops, including the cutout necessary for a sink or other fixtures. Specific measurements are critical, so most professionals prefer to do this themselves. During this appointment, you'll get a closer estimate of the total cost of the installation.

Home Preparation Work

Before the company installs your countertop, preparing the area is essential. Remove anything on the countertops that will be in the way. Move large pieces of furniture, like the kitchen table, out of the way. Finally, if the company does not remove the old counter, ensure that it's released and out of the way. Make sure to ask your contractor of choice how they can assist you with clearing the space for their services.

An Efficient Installation Process

On installation day, you can expect a seamless and efficient job. It may take longer depending on what items or fixtures need to be removed beforehand. If there is a sink in the counter, this must be removed before the old counter. Then, the new countertop will be put in place. The cabinet and any other fixtures will be placed in the cutouts and professionals will ensure a seal around them to guarantee a seamless fit. The expert team you hire will take care of this process for you.

Newly installed countertops can instantly increase property value and the visual appeal of your home. Our professionals are ready to help you find the perfect countertop for your home, with a variety of materials in our selection that can contribute to your room's visual cohesion. Reach out to CG Granite Countertops for more details!